Discover Your True Authentic Self

Codependents generally admiration what is normal. They feel afraid and admiration how others apperceive them. Abounding acquaint me they don’t absolutely apperceive themselves. They’ve become people-pleasers, alteration what they say and adapting their behavior to the animosity and needs of others. Some cede themselves, their values, needs, wants, and feelings, to anyone they affliction about. For added codependents their behavior revolves about their addiction, whether it’s to a drug, a process, such as sex or gambling, or to advancing authority or ability in adjustment to feel secure. Eventually their achievements feel meaningless. Both types of codependents ache from self-alienation, an breach from their accurate self. They’re broken from their true, accurate self. This is the blank we feel if a accord ends, success is achieved, or during abandonment from an addiction. Hence, codependency is alleged a ache of a “lost self.”

Denial of Codependency and the Accurate Self

Ideally, our accurate cocky emerges in the accustomed advance of acceptable an individual, alleged “individuation,” so that we’re able to analyze our own feelings, thoughts, needs, wants, perceptions, and actions, as abstracted from our ancestors and others. A disrupts analogue to capricious degrees. Because codependency is transgenerational, in adolescence a “false” codependent cocky is formed.

Most codependents are in abnegation of this situation, because for so continued they’ve organized their cerebration and behavior about something or anyone alien to themselves. Some codependents can’t analyze their ethics or opinions. They’re affectable and can be calmly abiding to do things they after regret. In a conflict, they can’t authority assimilate their angle already they’re challenged. This makes relationships a abundance field, abnormally with a accomplice who uses bump as a aegis and blames or accuses them of his or her own faults or behavior. You may doubtable that you’re getting abused, but if you’re blamed, you become abashed and agnosticism your own perceptions. You ability end up answer for annoying an abuser’s rage.

In recovery, we accept to balance who we are. What should accept been a natural, unconscious, adorning process, now as an developed requires a acquainted entering reorientation. Effort is necessary, because the addiction is to go into abnegation and actualize our self. Abnegation exists on several levels, from absolute repression to minimization.


Many codependents are awful attuned to others feelings, but are in abnegation of their own. They may apperceive that they’re “upset,” but are clumsy to name what they feel. They may name a feeling, but rationalize or abbreviate it, or the activity is accepted alone intellectually and not embodied. Generally this is due to unconscious, internalized abashment from childhood. In relationships, codependents feel amenable for added people’s feelings. Their focus is on their partner, and they generally empathize added with their accomplice than with themselves.


They aswell abjure their needs, decidedly affecting needs. In relationships, they cede their needs to board others. They may go after intimacy, respect, affection, or acknowledgment for months or years, not even acumen what they’re missing. Usually, it’s not a acquainted best because they don’t apprehend what their needs are or accept that they matter. They aswell abjure their needs if they’re single. They may yield affliction of themselves physically and arise to be the apotheosis of adorableness or concrete prowess, but carelessness relational and affecting needs.


The hardest claiming for abounding codependents is anecdotic what they want. They’re so acclimated to authoritative others blessed and accomplishing their needs and wants, including those of their own children, that they accept no abstraction what they want. They may abide in a job or added accepted behavior, but never ask themselves what added they wish out of life. If they do, they accomplish excuses and bound feel it’s abortive to accomplish any change.

What You Can Do

Some things you can alpha doing:

  1. Start to account about your feelings, wants and needs.
  2. Ask yourself throughout the day, “What am I feeling?” Name it.
  3. Tune in to your body. Analyze sensations and close feelings.
  4. When you’re down or uncomfortable, ask yourself what you need, and accomplish your need.
  5. Compare a account of what you wish to do and what you accept to do.
  6. What stops you from accomplishing what you want? Alpha accomplishing what you want.
  7. Be accurate in your communication.

It’s simple to blooper into old habits and it may be harder to actuate yourself to chase these recommendations. Additionally, accretion can be accompanied by all-overs and depression. Some humans accidentally about-face addictions or obsessions to avoid this off. These are affidavit why it’s so important to accept a acceptable abutment system, including 12-Step affairs and therapy.

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